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Look no further than Dial91 to get the best calling rates to India available. The price of calling India with Dial91 beats Skype by over 50% of the cost per minute and without the activation fee! Call for less per minute and still keep the features you’d expect from a professional calling card company like speed dial, pin-less dialing, an address book, and free SMS texting. Dial91 offers the lowest price per minute while maintaining a setup that requires no contract, no activation fee, and no hassle! In addition, you have the ability to call over the internet with crystal clear quality that matches and surpasses what you’d get from WhatsApp or Skype, but additionally with the ability to call where only phone coverage and no internet is available. With this in mind you can see that Dial91 is clearly the best choice when calling to India regularly. You will be calling for less per minute and with the option of calling either over the internet or with phone coverage. This increased coverage means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your call will reach its destination, you’ll know for certain that it will.

The calling rates to India are kept stable so you don’t have to be worried about excess charges on your phone bill. We plan everything about our business to focus on providing our customers with the best rates to call India and therefore the best option when deciding on an India calling card company. Start saving what you’d be wasting otherwise on expensive calls from Skype and get better coverage than what you’d get from WhatsApp! All of this is available on top of the free SMS texting service we provide to all of our customers. With the money you save using Dial91 you can rest easy at night knowing you’re working with the best India calling company in the industry. Calling with Dial91 is painless and easy.

In addition to providing the best quality and coverage for calls to India, Dial91 stands out among the competition when it comes the technology and service we provide. When you call with Dial91 you get 24-hour customer service and routing staff support. Our customers love knowing that help is always available should a problem arise with their call or service. Additionally, Dial91 uses only the latest switching technology available. This technology helps us maximize your satisfaction with better connection and less calling issues than competitors.

About Dial91

Dial91 Provides Discount Phone Cards for International and Long Distance Calling.